What is reverse mortgage? Do you know the meaning of the term of reverse mortgage? Yeah, it seems odd to discuss reverse morgage lenders if you have not know what is meant by the term. Therefore, it is better to start todays discussion with the broad explanation of reverse mortgage lenders. Actually, the term of reverse mortgage is a special loan which is aimed to help those homeowners which are over 62. It is totally different from the usual traditional mortgage that obligates the people who owe the money to pay the mortgage charge every month. Instead, those who recieve this mortgage reverse will get certain amount of money from the lenders each month. Is there any requirement to gain this reverse mortgage? Yeah, the one recieving this payment each month should live in his or her original home which has been outrighted or under mortgage with balance and should not be too excessive. So, are you the one should get this special loan?

After knowing the definition of reverse mortgage, so you have to know another thing about it. It is just not funny to deal with reverse mortgage if you don’t know who will pay you each month. Then, the question is who is the biggest lenders? Coming back then to the history, you have to know that the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program in USA was dominated by large banks. There were three biggest banks in America which lately became the biggest lenders in 2011. They were Wells Fargo, MetLife Bank and Bank of America. In this range, Wells Fargo and Bank of America origin for about 43%, and MetLife Bank gains the total amount of the 4th and 5th rank of the organization.

However, today’s reverse mortgage seems to be unlike with the past ones. The starting point of the reversal moment was when the Wells Fargo and Bank of America left the business of loan. It caused the decreasing price of home, and there was no ability to decide whether an individual is qualified for a loan or not based on the borrower’s financial condition. The situation was worsen when MetLife also decided to exit the business in 2012. It moved aways from banking retail business, and finally mortgage is dominated with mortgage originators which are far from serving the function of traditional bank.

In reverse mortgage loan, the borrower’s is the one taking the responsibility to pay the property taxes and also homeowner’s insurance. In reverse mortgage, the elders are allowed to access the property that he or she has built in the past, and he or she also recieve the right to defer the payment of the loan until he or she move, sell the property or even die. The no required mortgage payment causes interest which is added to the loan balance each month. In this case, the exceeding interest is sometime beneficial to increase the price of the home, especially if the borrower decides to live any longer in the house or in particular declining time. however, the borrower is not obligated to pay the exceed loan balance of the increasing home value.

In addition, the rule of reverse mortgage balance is varied from one country to another one depends on the law of the jurisdiction. Then, you can realize that reverse mortgage and the traditional one is truly different. Ordinary traditional mortgage place the homeowner as the one that has to pay the monthly payment to the lender, and it causes the increasing equity of the homeowner after each payment. Various comments come from regulators and economists. Some economists believe that reverse mortgage loan is beneficial for elder to smooth his or her income in the old days, so he or she can live in welfare situation. However, for regulators, reverse mortgage is kind of complex product of financial matter that not all consumers could understand well. Added with light misleading advertising that is often appearing in very tempting way, so many people are interested to have the reverse mortgage. It is better to seek a legal advicer before dealing with reverse mortgage loan because many consumers are not using the reverse mortgage for the positive. If you want to make any reverse mortgage, then you have to contact Reverse Mortgage Lenders Direct.