Are you dealing with a mortgage currently? What kind of mortgage type that you join right now? If you belongs to elder, why don’t you consider about having reverse mortgage? Many elder people lean their expectation in the old days on this mortgage type. They put their hope in this mortgage so they can enjoy the retirement smoothly without facing any financial problem. Yeah, it is true that before you are dealing with this mortgage, you have to know every single detail of the term.

What is reverse mortgage? Yeah, this is a special mortgage idea that lets the homeowner to borrow some money against the equity of the house. he or she will get total amount of money every month as the tax – free payment. He or she will always get it monthly till it reaches the total amount of the equity of the house added with interest. Once it meets the limit, then the homeowner should repay fully or give the house to the lender. Of course, the total of the equity depends on the condition of the house, so it is fair both for the borrower and the lender.

In other words, it is kind of loan which is retained to the title of the borrower’s house. in this type of mortgage, the borrower has no obligation to pay the monthly charge. The regulation is simple like once the borrower die or move from the house, then it becomes the right of the lender to take over the house. then, the lender later will sell the house to repay the loan which is given each month to the borrower. If there is any extra profit, it will be delivered to the borrower or his or her estate. There is also a lifetime reverse mortgage that allows the borrower to access the house without worrying to move in other estate. This financial aid is made for those poor people with limited cash and limited senior citizens. In the United States, people who are qualified for a lifetime reverse mortgage should be at least 62 years old, and it is different in United Kingdom that allows people in 55 to join the lifetime reverse mortgage.

It is clear that reverse mortgage is the one that ease people in retirement to anjoy easier life with cash flow without doing a thing as he or she has a house with equity. It is simply accepting some amount of money per month from certain lender, and you don’t need to move from your own house. in addition, there is no need for you to repay the cash as you stay at the house and keep it well maintained, so the equity of the house will increase or at least remain in balance. However,  the loan will be paid when you die by selling your house, and the lender is the one conducting the process.

Of course, there are some requirements to determine how much loan that you are qualified. It depends on your age, the equity of the house, the interest rate, and also the home value. The biggest and good house that you have with older age, you may get bigger amount of loan. You can decide whether you want to get the money in lumpsum or maybe you want it lines like credit flow with monthly payment, and you are even allowed to get the combination of both ways. The most important thing that you should consider before dealing with reverse mortgage is that every mortgage needs closing cost, and reverse mortgage requires more than any traditional mortgage. Therefore, it is better to think twice before you deep yourself into the type of mortgage. You can assess your house equity first, and make sure that it is worthwile to send yourself for reverse mortgage with the amount of home equity. Don’t make you suffer the skyrocketed closing cost at the end as your equity is beneath the closing cost itself. Instead of helped by the mortgage, it will be harmful for you as making debt to the lender. In this case, your house condition and equity become the most important thing to consider the most. So you can estimate whether it is beneficial or not to have reverse mortgage agreement.